At Outsource Computer Services, we live where you live.  Rural central Alberta.  We don’t have access to all these high speed offerings that our urban neighbours take for granted.  Something like a casual browse of the internet can be frustrating.  Internet options have been terrible with each new offering only slightly better than the previous one.  Eventually all the providers turn their efforts to higher numbers of customers in easier to provide areas leaving you and I with steadily decreasing speeds and quality.  With OCS, we live in the country so we have firsthand experience with the frustrations previous ISP have promised.  Many providers claim internet speeds that are not available when you need them.  Speeds that are great during the hours of 3:30am to 5:30am are not an ideal situation for operating a home based business, attempting to login to online classes for school, or even trying to watch the latest streaming movie.  After years of putting up with poor internet offerings, I knew there was a better way.


As stated, we live where you live.  Everything is now online, or information required is online.  Even a simple government form is done online, because it is assumed everyone has access to the same online speeds and resources enjoyed in the urban centres.  OCS is making efforts to improve rural internet access.  To do this, your property will need a line of sight back to OCS radio towers.  This is a requirement, as the equipment used requires a line of sight.  For this reason, not every customer that wants better internet will have the opportunity at this time.  Improvements are being made every year in equipment and for that reason, equipment changes may allow access where previously not possible.  Sometimes a simple creative solution or higher location (tower / structure / tree) on your property will allow a line of sight back to our towers.


It all starts with a simple location visit.  What looks good on paper for potential access may in fact be obstructed by a tall tree, a neighbour’s new grain silo, distance or some unforeseen obstacle.  For that reason, OCS does not sell you an internet package without first knowing the capacity of the radio link.  As a customer, you don’t want to pay for a package that you are not physically possible to receive.  Here at OCS we don’t use the term ‘up to’ when describing our internet plans.  Instead we visit the location first, we assess the options for radio installations, than we work on solutions.  If we can successfully install a radio and provide internet that day, our task is far from complete.

After install, rest of the first month free:

After a successful install, we are not done yet.  Next we show you have to switch between the OCS and your current internet provider.  We encourage you to operate both during that initial first month after install to really compare both providers.  In some cases, you can see a clear difference immediately.  However, take the time during this initial install to compare the difference.  While you are testing the OCS speeds, you can determine how much bandwidth (or speeds) you really need.  Using this information that you figure out from your end, and our bandwidth information we can determine the proper package and price point for your internet needs.

Further to this initial period, if you are going to drop your previous ISP and make the move to OCS we recommend you use this time to change over any legacy email addresses, online billing emails, etc to a web based provider.  Once you cancel your previous ISP, you may no longer have access to those email accounts or features.  OCS does not offer email addresses, nor traditional land line or VoIP services nor satellite television.  If you require a land line phone you may need to remain with your current internet provider.


What OCS can’t provide:

  • OCS does not provide telephone services.
  • OCS does not provide email services.
  • OCS does not provide television services.

What OCS can provide:

  • OCS provides a private dynamic IP address internet services with zero data caps.
  • Static IP addresses can be provided based on availability at an additional cost.
  • Additional hardware such as a wireless router may be required.



Plan Name
Price Per Month
Download (Mbps)
Upload (Mbps)
Typical example use (examples only – not limited to)
OCS 10/5
netflix, skype, email, web browsing, social media
OCS 20/10
above plus doorbell cameras
OCS 30/15
above plus streaming security cameras
OCS 40/20
above plus cloud software, uploads to social media

Installation cost of $210 includes the price of the radio on the first month’s invoice.

All new customers have a one-time account setup fee of $15 on the first month’s invoice.

All plans have a minimum length of 12 months, with a flat rate of 150 dollars early termination fee.  After the 12 months, you may cancel without penalty.

Invoices are generated at the start of each month for that current month and include service to the end of that month.

OCS reserves the right to disconnect or terminate internet services for unpaid invoices.

Towers, structures, power for radios or other devices are responsibility of the customer.

Terms and conditions apply.  GST will be added to prices.








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